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Benefits of Owning a Car

What should be our next focus after owning a home, surely? And we must say the truth; a car has become a necessity nowadays, with most of us considering it the second most important thing after a home. If we purchase a car, whether new or used, it comes with certain perks inherent to it, even if we need to keep up the maintenance with or other services from time to time. I’m going to explore some of these benefits in this article today.



Let’s say I have a family of five, including myself. That is a big number, irrespective of how we look at it. If I decide to take these people to my local town for shopping, then a car would be more convenient than using public transport. We will simply prepare ourselves, get in the car, and my wife or I will be on the steering wheel. We will get to the supermarket, park the car, shop, and go back home, without having to cut through the crowds, without carrying or holding the hands of the little ones. That is how convenient a car is. And I don’t have to walk for a whole mile to board a matatu. From home to the destination and back, we are always with the car. If any of my kids fall sick at night, I can simply put them in the car and rush them to a nearby clinic. I don’t have to call a taxi, which may take 30 minutes or so to arrive. Thus, in case of an emergence, a car can really be handy and can play a role in saving life.


Owning a Car Saves Us Money

Well, mentioned a family of five, but I know there are those of us who will mention even 10. If all these people were to travel to any destination using public transport, the amount of money they would spend on fare would be more than the money they would use to fuel a car. I know there are those of us who own fuel guzzlers but I’m talking about a standard car with low fuel consumption. Thus, having our own car saves us money, especially if we have large families. And while some people may talk of hiring a car, that would even be more expensive. Paying the fee, fueling the car, and being responsible for any breakdown – I can’t just imagine choosing this option.


Facilitator of Many Tasks

Do I have to worry about how I would carry a sack of maize from upcountry to my home in town? I don’t have to if I have my own car. What about worrying about getting to work late? That is something that I effectively put to bed once I purchased my car. I can leave my house 10 minutes to time, drive at a moderate speed, and still arrive in the office just in time. If it is lunch time, I simply get in the car, drive to a nearby restaurant in less than 10 minutes, have lunch and resume work without having to spend much time walking or looking for a taxi.


Symbol of Prestige

How many people out there own cars? As far as I know, not even a quarter of the world’s population have personal cars. That is because not everyone can afford to own one, especially when we consider the fact that most countries around the world are still economic slumbers, with the majority of their population still struggling to make ends meet. So, when I say that a car is a symbol of prestige, no one should struggle to understand what I mean. I can’t forget those days when only three people in my entire village had cars, and we could run to the road to see the cars every time they were passing. But that was a long time ago, anyway.


An Asset in Itself

Yes, my car is an asset, which I can change into cash any time I want. We have all heard of used cars. They are there. The owners decide to sell them when they want. I can invest the proceeds in a business or use the money to accomplish the purpose for which I sold the car. And with many used car dealers out there, I won’t struggle finding where to sell my car.