One Day A Week To Think Frugally

Welcome to Wed Frugal, a site with one simple aim: To help people think how to save money just once a week. A simple goal that everyone can achieve, and one that can hopefully get people into a better financial situation than they were in before. 

Financial Articles

Here is a collection of the latest financial advice gathered on this site. The topics vary quite widely, covering everything from debt repairs  to lessons to teach your children. Remember, learning to save is something most should know as young as possile.

Life Lessons

Life is filled with various lessons, and they can take a lot of different forms. There can be some unorthodox matters discussed here, but it is my view that everything is worth talking about, at the very least.

Homes and Houses

A home is our castle, but they are also an investment. As is any building. Knowing what goes into maintaining that value and how we can best take advantage or prepare for this is why I choose to write abou the subject as much as I do.

A Little About The Blogger

My name is Lulu, and I have seen financial woes before. The way I managed to fix my life? Help from a friend. One bit of advice: One day a week, focus only on finances. The rest of the week, just do what you can. This idea got me out of a horrible point in my life, as it gave me a structure to work on. For me, that day was Wednesday. I still maintain it as a day I consider my finances and work on improving my finances.