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Preparing Our Homes for Top-Dollar Sale

Many of us have homes which we love and have been living in there for decades, but there comes a time when we have to let them go, I mean sell them. This can be necessitated by such reasons as having to relocate to a foreign country (perhaps as a result of job transfer), the need to raise funds to accomplish some purpose, or even the desire to relocate to a new neighborhood – I mean there are lots of reasons. For whatever reason we are selling our homes, we need to spruce up the home for top dollar. Let’s discuss some of the ways we can prepare our homes for sale.


Painting is the most common house maintenance, and it has to be on our to-do list as far as preparing our homes for sale is concerned. A well painted home will give a good first impression to the buyer. Now, perhaps the best way to approach it is to hire a professional painter. Such an expert will fill any dents on the walls before painting, and they will always know the best paint. In painting our home, we should ensure that no space is left out. All the rooms in the house should be painted. The buyer should not be able to tell that some places were left out. For those of us who have servants’ quarters and car parks, these should be painted as well.


Cleaning sounds like a very simple task, but it may not be as simple as we think. Forget about the regular cleaning we do in our homes; I mean rigorous cleaning, which should possibly be done by a professional cleaning service provider. Giving your belongings a good sort through and declutter is also a good idea, so you might want to possibly look into skip bins sutherland shire way, or wherever you are based, to have something to dispose of you’re old things into. Of course, make sure to donate to charity if there is anything suitable, too! Every part of the home should look spick and span, including the cooking areas, bedrooms, and of course washrooms. There should be nothing like scum left behind. The entire outdoor area should be cleaned as well and decluttered. If there are any trees and it is their shedding season, these leaves should be collected and disposed of accordingly.


Having a storage space can increase the value of your home significantly. If your residence already has a ranch or any other storage facility, do make sure that it is in good condition. Check for rusts or broken walls, since such defects can attract pests or degenerate the structure even more. In case your storage unit is damaged beyond repair, it is better to get a new one. I have heard that the lifetime outdoor storage sheds are more durable and can also be custom made to your liking. You can contact a reliable shed manufacturing company (like Home Structures) to source one that suits your needs.


Broken window panes or damaged faucets will definitely lower the value of our homes, and a buyer can capitalize on such minor defects in an attempt to get the house on the cheap. To avoid that, it is important that we carry out all the necessary repairs and replace what is needed. If the kitchen sink is leaking, we should get a plumber from somewhere like Nance Services ( out to fix it. Everything else from loose or broken door hinges to damaged wardrobe drawers and doors should be well repaired or replaced. Replacing any dated fixtures is also necessary. The good news is that any expenses we incur on such repairs and replacements will be included in our price quotation. Hence, it is the buyer who is paying for the repairs, technically that is.

The Garden

A home garden, however small it may be, will play a role when it comes to selling a house. Rather than leave the garden bushy, it is advisable to give it a good look by weeding it. If it is a vegetable garden, we don’t have to pluck everything. The garden could be a big selling point, especially for vegetarians. Flower gardens? Yes, most buyers will like a home with a flower garden. Flowers add to the beauty of our homes.

Tree Planting

Who doesn’t like trees! Besides providing shade, trees act as windbreaks, and they are also a source of fresh air. For those of us who don’t have trees in our compound, we would rather work on this before selling. I would recommend planting them as early as possible so that they will already be mature by the time we are selling the home.

The Roof

Are there any leakages? We could tell this by simply looking at the ceiling. If there are any roof leakages, repairing them and the damaged ceiling will be necessary. Even if there aren’t any visible leaks, the roof needs to be checked regularly and made sure that it’s providing the protection that it’s meant to. For people living in storm-prone areas especially, looking for good roof repair in Gainesville, Florida or other such areas becomes important. Having a strong and protective roof can go a long way in adding value to the home.

Bills/Mortgage Clearance

Buyers will tend to run away when they realize that the home we are trying to sell to them has pending bills, which have not been cleared. These could be utility bills or even mortgages. Thus, we should ensure that we are in good books with the utility and mortgage providers if we want to attract buyers.