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Why are Neon Signs So Expensive?

Every household has a budget and so will be looking to purchase items as cheaply as possible, yet ones which look of the quality they can feel proud to give living space to. We already know we can make our home look very impressive with just a few pictures on the walls, however in some cases, instead of those, we can make it neon signs. Unfortunately, they are known to be expensive and this fact is driving many householders to look to alternatives when it comes to decorating their home, such as the beautiful LED versions that can be found on sites like www.neonfilter.com. This article will consider what it is that makes standard neon lighting so expensive, and why their LED counterparts might just be the better investment.

Purchase Cost of Neon Signs

Traditional neon lighting is expensive to buy. This is because of the expensive components that are used in the manufacturing process, not to mention the expense of handling them to fill the tubes with neon gas and put the fragile glass lighting system together. All these costs are passed on to the householder who will purchase the neon lighting to enhance their home d├ęcor. This is why LED lighting can make a more affordable alternative.

The delivery costs can be higher with traditional neon signs because they are made from glass. Their LED alternatives are more durable and easier to handle. Hiring a specialist delivery service to ensure that neon glass signs arrive undamaged will invariably put the cost up for the householder receiving them. Yes, you will be relieved to receive them in one piece, but not to know that you could have purchased the LED alternatives and have saved all that worry of them getting damaged and the additional cost to the household budget.

Running Costs

It is more expensive to run traditional neon, fluorescent, or incandescent lighting than it is to run its LED alternative. To put a figure on this, we are looking at it being 20% less expensive to run LEDs. They are also better for the environment because they are more energy-efficient. We now have to think about saving our planet and not using non-renewable energy sources to a greater extent than have to. If you are into the environment and the outdoors, you will be pleased to know also that LED lights can be used outdoors, whereas traditional neon lighting cannot as it is not waterproof.


Vintage neon signs are possible to obtain that were once used to light old cinemas, garages, confectionery stores, and other businesses. They may not, though, fit in with the sign that you want to promote your modern business. They can reach high prices at auction, too, when they are of a desirable subject. For example, in 2020, a 1950s neon sign that featured a giant ice cream sold for $3,200. So, buying vintage cannot always be the way to save money with neon signs. Also, you will need to think about the fact that their tubes will invariably need replacing.

So, there is no getting away from the fact that traditional neon lighting is expensive whether bought new or second-hand, in lots of cases, but there is thankfully the LED alternative that can be sourced online, which is also 80% more energy-efficient. They will look equally pleasing to the eye in any home setting. That is where we spend a lot of our time, after all. We also have a lot of rooms to consider when it comes to decorating. So, the more ideas that we have for them, the better. Reducing the cost of neon lighting by purchasing LED alternatives will mean that you can have more neon signs displayed around your home to take care of more wall space that you did not previously know what to do with.

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