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Stage Planning Your Financial Future

The days of having the luxury of worrying about the retirement years when they arrive are long gone. Most now find that they have to keep those golden years in mind throughout all the years leading up to them. But financial planning has to be extended to the younger years as well.

Financial Planning By Stages

Anyone who wants to be financially stable has to consider the different stages of their lives and what financial commitments they will have through these different stages. If you’re looking for some financial planning tips pertaining to saving money in particular, check out the informative articles hosted over on this blog –

The Younger Years

These are the young people who are just reaching adulthood and are at the tail end of their education years. For them, the financial focus is on the here and now. They are tired of the struggles they may have faced during their school years. Having to study, hold down part-time jobs, and contribute to their education. Now they are looking forward to some payback. Meaning the career they have chosen is going to bring them some financial gain.

Once settled into a good job, there may be a short time frame where spending goes a little overboard. But for those who are really intent on their future, this will be short-lived. The next goal will be to start building some financial security. This is an approach that many millennials were recognized. This is the age group of those born between 1981 and 1996 (Generation Y). Before this era was Generation X., Many of which are now in their retirement years. Following the millennials is Generation Z, which is 1997 and on.

The Early Adult Years

For the millennials, they went through their early adult years concerned about the ability to buy a house while paying off their student debts and at the same time giving some thought to their retirement. Many of them tended to develop sound investment regimes that not only benefited them but the world in which they live.

Lessons To Be Learned

There are some great lessons to be learned from both the millennials and Generation X. Both of these categories focused on different stages of their life. By focusing on their after school years, they began setting themselves up for financial security. They approached this by eliminating their debt, which was, for the most part, student loans. Then they prepared themselves for the time when they would have a family by investing in home ownership as early as possible. But, they were also crafty in planning for their retirement years. For them, this was included in part of their career priorities. They generally wanted careers that would give them a long work span where they could bank and invest in their retirement years. Part of having enough income was to allow them to invest in savings and long-term investments, such as crypto diamonds, to pad their income once they left the workforce.

A Refreshing Approach

This type of approach was refreshing because these individuals were planning for all stages of their lives. That doesn’t mean that all millennials of Generation X did this. It was a general approach, and there are always exceptions.

The Baby Boomers

Nobody can turn back the clock, and many of the baby boomers who are now in retirement may wish that they had done some things differently. Some millennials believe that the baby boomers’ actions hurt the economy that the Millenials inherited that was not in the best of shape. The baby boomers were those born between 1946 and 1964.

The baby boomers faced financial challenges that the Millenials did not. For example, wages remained stagnant for three decades. Then the great recession hit and bit into many of the nest eggs that the baby boomers had accumulated. All of which still has a lasting impression on how many baby boomers live in their retirement years. However, the Millenials were not exempt from some hard times either. The 9/11 occurrence had a direct impact on them, as did the market crash in 2008.

The Bottom Line

Those who want to be financially secure in all stages of their lives have to plan for each stage while maintaining stability in the here and now. For example, those of a certain age may be able to claim life settlements from companies like, and become financially secure that way. Learning from the strengths and weaknesses of other generations can be extremely beneficial. You don’t want to make the same mistakes as them, so creating your own path will be very beneficial. And there are lots of people who can help you on this journey to financial stability, like accountants and financial advisors. Some of them even use external companies like LeadJig to set up financial seminars to attract people like you who may be in need of help and advice when it comes to their financial planning throughout their life. So, learning what works and what doesn’t will be important to your outcome.